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Making the Goat Herd Profitable

Making the Goat Herd Profitable Can Goats pay their own bills, or even better bring in some additional income or help supplement in other areas of expense reduction? With my husband having a Business degree, helps keep me in check with these questions and reminders from time to time. We are a Dairy and Meat […]

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TSF New Milking Parlor

We have a new milking parlor. YES!! We changed up a few things here on our farm. The old rabbit barn has now became our new feed room / storage. The old feed room is now the new milking parlor. Whala!!!!♥♥ We put a window ac in. NICE…for our hot summer days. Stace put in […]

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TSF Has A New Web-Site

Tailspin Farms has a new web site. We had a website and a blog page for several years. It was such a headache to sign into different sites just to make a new post on our blog. The thing that made me make a change was, I could not sign into my blog page to […]

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