2019 Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

Showing Goats at The County Fair

Congratulations to Wyatt Doege! He showed his goats at the 2019 Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Saturday. We are proud of him for doing such a great job.

In the Light-weight class he placed second.

In the Heavy-weight class he placed forth.

Hard Work

It shows how much hard work Wyatt has put into working with his goats. Wyatt saw the fruits of his hard work with his goats pay off Saturday. Great Job Wyatt!

As a breeder we like to see all the hard work and care that goes into raising your goats.

Training Time: Spend time with your goat—clean their pen, provide them with feed and water, and they will quickly learn you are “OK” and they will become your friend. I believe in “training” an animal, not “breaking” an animal. Therefore, you must start preparing for the show months before the actual date. Gain your goat’s trust, and you will be rewarded with friendship and success from your goat. There is no “Quick-Fix” for hard work and time when training an animal.

You have to halter break them first. It is constant work, everyday taking them out and walking them. You’re training the goat to stand still and to let you pick up their feet. There’s quite a bit of work involved.

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