A Glass of Sweet Tea

A Glass of Sweet Tea

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There’s nothing better than a glass of ice tea to drink. If anyone knows me they know I love my sweet tea. I drink sweet tea year round all day long. Always have a glass of sweet tea in my hand.  Durning the day while I’m working on the farm I make several trips inside to refill my glass with sweet tea.  Also to cool off a bit before heading back out to work.

We were at our favorite restaurant La Encalidia in Nixon Texas having dinner when by mistake the waitress put lemonade in my tea.  To my surprise, I like the lemonade in my sweet tea. It’s really good and refreshing!  Now I know people have done this for years but it was something new for me.

Since I liked it so much I bought a lemonade mix to put in my sweet tea. I add a tablespoon of lemonade mix to a glass of sweet tea. Hmmmmmm! It may be all in my head but it seems to help quench my thirst.  With our hot summer days hitting 100 degrees and more.  This is the most thirst-quenching tea I have ever made!!!

This drink has to be my favorite drink for the hot summer months. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

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