About Us

Our Story

Hello I’m Margarita.

I grew up on a small homestead / farm in South Texas. We had milk cows, chickens, rabbits, horses, pigs, cats, dogs. Yes, I had to help with all the farm chores. I also had to help milk the cows before school. I always told my mom when I grow up I will never milk another cow. Well, never say never. I now own dairy goats and milk every day.

When it came time to vaccinate or treat any of the critters on the farm I was right there learning. My dad was a firm believer that I needed to learn how to take care of almost all areas of the farm. Today I am very thankful to my parents for teaching me the ins and outs of the farm life.

Over the years my husband Stace and I have always had a ranch. Now we own Tailspin Farms. Both Stace and I grew up with Livestock mostly cattle. We love the simple life of a farm / homestead. I would have to say I think we will always have livestock. Our critters keep us young. They have a way of changing up a daily schedule.

In this site, I want to share all our personal experiences that is backed up by expert veterinary advice, and mentor advice. Over the years I have learned so much from some very knowledgeable people. They have forgotten more than I would ever know. All of them have hands on experience.

My husband Stace and I would like to welcome you to our farm “Tailspin Farms”!

Tailspin Farms is Family Owned and Operated in Stockdale Texas.
We started Tailspin Farms in 2009.

Faith, Family and Love we started raising Boer Goats and Nubian Goats in 2012. We have learned so much  about the goats in just a short time. We would like to share with you about our daily journey and care taking of our livestock.

We have Fullblood, Percentage and Commercial Boer goats, and Nubian Goats.  Our love for them has grown. ♥

If you are looking for the best place in the Stockdale area for Goats, Fresh Eggs, Fresh Goats Milk, Handmade products you have come to the right place.

How could you not fall in love with goats?

We enjoy working with all our animals/livestock. Now that our kids are grown and starting families of their own we get to introduce the grandkids to all the farm life. Keeping the family involved with 4H and FFA.

We hope you will join our family of customers.
Blessings, Stace & Margarita