Bumblebee On Our Farm

This morning when I was starting my day I spotted a bumblebee on our lavender plants. The bumblebee was flying from flower to flower. This got me thinking about the bees. Being rather partial to Bumblebees, I did a bit of research. Did you know the following facts?

Bumblebee on Lavender Flower

What is the role of the Bumblebee?

Bumble bees play a huge role in our world. They are unique because of their sting. Unlike honey bees, the stinger of a bumble bee doesn’t come off when it stings something. They fertilize or pollinate different plants or flowers in their area, helping them produce fruit.

What is the difference between a bumblebee and a honey bee?

Difference Between Bumblebees and Honey Bees. Bumblebees are robust, large in girth, have more hairs on their body and are colored with yellow, orange and black. … Honeybees are more slender in body appearance, have fewer body hairs and wings that are more translucent. The tip of their abdomen is more pointed.

How many wings does a bumblebee have?

Bumblebees have 4 wings, the 2 rear wings are small and usually attached to the fore wings by a row of hooks called hamuli.

Are bumblebees friendly?

They live mostly alone and don’t swarm so don’t be afraid of the friendly furry bee although they might sting if they feel threatened. They do not lose their sting when they do use it. … Bumble bees have small nests, about the size of a baseball, because the size of the colony is not very large.

How long does a bumblebee nest last?

Normally nests live for about 2 or 3 months. After this time the original queen, her workers and her sons will die. If the nest has been successful in rearing new queens they will leave the nest to mate and then go on to hibernate somewhere in the soil – ready to emerge the following spring to start their own colonies.

Did you know that a bumblebee should not be able to fly?

It is true. Due to their body size to wing ratio it should be impossible for a bumblebee to fly, but they obviously do. How is this possible? You know what? No one ever told the bumblebee that he could not fly, so he does. It is one of God’s miracles of nature. God said that the bumblebee should fly, so no matter how impossible it may seem to man, it is possible with God.

Are you facing some seemingly impossible situation in your life? Maybe you are facing many seemingly impossible situations. I want to encourage you with this thought today: “What seems impossible with men, is Him-Possible with God.” No matter how steep the hill, no matter how deep the valley, if you place your trust in God, He will give you the strength you need to accomplish the task He has laid before you.

Remember the story of the bumblebee: Someone forgot to tell him that he could not fly, so therefore he does. I believe, however,  even if you did tell him that he could not fly he would do it anyway. Why? Because God has said so. And what God says goes, no matter what man might say.

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24

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