My husband Stace and I would like to welcome you to our farm.

Tailspin Farms is Family Owned and Operated in Stockdale Texas.

With Faith, Family and Love we started Tailspin Farms in 2009.

Bumblebee On Our Farm

This morning when I was starting my day I spotted a bumblebee on our lavender plants. The bumblebee was flying from flower to flower. This got me thinking about the bees. Being rather partial to Bumblebees, I did a bit of research. Did you know the following facts? What is the role of the Bumblebee? …

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Our 21st Wedding Anniversary

Twenty one years ago today Stace and I said “I Do”. I bring madness and craziness to our marriage, but Stace balances it with sanity. He always helps me think about my crazy ideas 🙂 🙂 We went out for a steak dinner for our anniversary…even though both of us ordered meatloaf. Hahahahaha! It was …

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Having The Right Tools

Having the right tools for a job on the farm makes the job easier. When I’m cleaning the goat stalls and pens it is important to me to have the correct tools. The tools I use to clean are a leaf rake. I rake all the stalls and pens with a leaf rake. With a …

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Tailspin Farms YouTube Channel

Tailspin Farms YouTube Channel. Yes, we have a YouTube channel. When I set up the YouTube channel I put it under Margarita Crews. I was just starting to learn about YouTube and wasn’t sure how it all worked. Well, now years later I use it for our farm “Tailspin Farms”.  I have been making videos …

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Need The Right Tools for the Job

When you have the right tools for a job it makes it easier to do that job. Here on our farm “Tailspin Farms” when one of my tools get broke or misplaced it’s hard for me to complete the job at hand.  Cleaning our stalls and barns here are some of my favorite tools, a …

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