Today I have a special surprise for you. I have asked my mother-in-law Claudia “AKA Mom” to talk about how she saves her leftovers from larger meals. Mom’s advice will save you money. 😊 If your anything like me, I’m sure your all for saving money.

Until I met Stace and got to know his mom I had never heard of leftovers being call fix-a-heads. I thought you would enjoy Claudia’s tips about what she calls fix-a-heads.

When Mom has leftovers from the week, she will use her
Vacuum Sealer Machine on some food items. (I like to use the
FoodSaver bags for the vacuum sealer). She will also use zip lock freezer bags, or a freezer container and freeze the item. Don’t forget to write on it the date and what the item is. After it’s frozen sometimes its hard to tell what it is or how long it’s been in the freezer.

Some of Claudia’s favorite meals to save are leftover meatloaf, hamburgers, stews, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. You can use your imagination there’s no limits.

Our YouTube video that Claudia and I made about Fix-A-Heads

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