Having The Right Tools

Having the right tools for a job on the farm makes the job easier. When I’m cleaning the goat stalls and pens it is important to me to have the correct tools.

The tools I use to clean are a leaf rake. I rake all the stalls and pens with a leaf rake. With a shovel I scoop up all the piles that I have raked up. Next up is a hay fork (that’s what I call them) is great for picking up hay or piles with hay in them.

Leak Rake is great for clean up on the farm.
Shovel to scoop up all the piles that is raked up.
Hay Fork for picking up hay

These are my three go tools on the farm for cleaning up after our livestock. It makes my day to have the right tools. 🙂 When I don’t have the right tools for the task it takes me longer to do that task. That’s not good…when you have several other task to do.

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