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Our 21st Wedding Anniversary

Twenty one years ago today Stace and I said “I Do”. I bring madness and craziness to our marriage, but Stace balances it with sanity. He always helps me think about my crazy ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ We went out for a steak dinner for our anniversary…even though both of us ordered meatloaf. Hahahahaha! It was …

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Cooking Chicken And Dumplings

How I cook chicken and dumplings. Many, many years ago I got this Chicken and Dumpling recipe from an old cookbook. Over the years I have used this recipe to make chicken and dumplings. My family loves homemade chicken and dumplings. They have even requested that I make chicken and dumplings for our Christmas meal …

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Having The Right Tools

Having the right tools for a job on the farm makes the job easier. When I’m cleaning the goat stalls and pens it is important to me to have the correct tools. The tools I use to clean are a leaf rake. I rake all the stalls and pens with a leaf rake. With a …

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Tailspin Farms YouTube Channel

Tailspin Farms YouTube Channel. Yes, we have a YouTube channel. When I set up the YouTube channel I put it under Margarita Crews. I was just starting to learn about YouTube and wasn’t sure how it all worked. Well, now years later I use it for our farm “Tailspin Farms”.ย  I have been making videos …

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