Water in Your Gas

Hi there, welcome to Tailspin farms. I have to tell you about my boo-boo. I had a couple of gas cans empty, so I put them in the back of my truck.  They rode around in the back of my truck for several days before I remembered to fill them.

Stace and I was headed out to bring the goats in. We were in the cart that we use every day. I told him we had better stop and put gas in the cart before we headed out to bring in the goats. I filled the cart with one of the gas cans I had filled the day before. Off we went…then the cart started spiting and sputtering all the way out to let the goats in and all the way back.

We made it back to the house and Stace started checking out the cart. He didn’t need to be doing this because he just had knee surgery a week ago. But he was determined. He checked the gas…and guess what, it was very cloudy. It would normally be clear, and you could see the bottom of the tank. After checking the gas can he found that the spout had been chewed on by what looks like a Squirrel, and water from all the rain had got into the can and I didn’t realize it when I was filling it.

It just so happened that all the family was coming over for Christmas. Kristen and Matt arrived first. Matt being the nice guy he is drained the gas out of the cart. He checked the other gas can to make sure there was no water in it 😊 There wasn’t, so it was good to go. Matt put the new gas in and the cart runs now.

Thank God for the men in our family know how to fix things. It seems like I always have something to fix around the farm. If I didn’t break it, it breaks on its own. 😊

So now I’m able to do all my chores using the cart.

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